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Fuji Popcorn Chicken

Bite-sized chunks of deep-fried white meat chicken in our house seasoning and basil leaf serve with Sweet & Spicy sauce. 

Fried Calamari

Deep Fried Calamari Sprinkled with salt and pepper, served over a bed of fresh greens and our spicy yum yum sauce. 

Coconut Glazed Shrimp

Lightly tempura battered shrimp coated with the chef's special coconut glazed and topped with shaved coconut. 

Prawn Cocktail

Six jumbo prawns, served over a bed of fresh greens and our unique cocktail sauce. 


The Dimsum

Six pieces of delicious assorted shrimp and pork stuffed in lucky money bag shaped pouches. (Currently not available)



Lightly salted whole soy beans. 

Grilled Mussels

New Zealand Mussels grilled with our homemade spicy sauce. $10.50

Chicken & Cream Cheese Roll

Chicken, asparagus, & cream cheese fried spring roll.


Shrimp & Crab Roll

Shrimp, crab meat, & seaweed salad fried spring roll.



Each order includes two grilled skewers with green onions & teriyaki sauce.

     Chicken (Toriniku)

     Beef (Gyuniku)

     Shrimp (Ebi)


Chicken Gyoza

 Fried chicken dumplings.


Seaweed Salad

Assorted seaweeds with seasame sauce.


Age Tofu

Deep fried tofu with our chef's signature sauce.


Fried Oysters

Deep fried Pacific Oysters with our spicy orange sauce.


Garlic Chicken Wings 

Fujiyama's twist on a classic! Your choice of Wasabi, Sriracha, or garlic sauces.


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