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Each order is hand battered in tempura and lightly fried.  Served with tempura sauce.  


Tempura Vegetables $9.50

Tempura Chicken $10.50

Tempura Calamari $11.50

Tempura Shrimp $13.50

Tempura Dinner 

(Shrimp, Calamari, Chicken & Vegetables.  Includes house soup & steamed rice) $21.50


Fried Rice

Our fried rice is cooked with our house garlic butter and soy sauce.  Also includes our fried rice mixed vegetables.


Vegetable Fried Rice $14.50

Chicken Fried Rice $15.50

Beef Fried Rice $16.50


Shrimp Fried Rice $16.50


Fujiyama House Special Fried Rice 

(Shrimp, Chicken, & Beef) $18.50



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